The 9 Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you want to be successful?


While you might not join the ranks of the multi-billionaires right away, there are certain characteristics of these successful entrepreneurs that can take you far in your workplace.
You might have seen a lot of job listings stating companies are looking for ‘entrepreneurial spirit’.
What is entrepreneurial spirit?
While your resume and track record might not look like the major entrepreneurs, this does not mean that you cannot emulate their success at work.
There are many employees and successful entrepreneurs that have a lot of traits in common. These traits are not just for traditional entrepreneurs. It is these employees are the ones that companies are eager to hire. And you can channel this entrepreneurial spirit too.
While ‘entrepreneur’ may conjure up images of a self-employed and solo-preneur, companies find people with entrepreneurial traits very desirable because everyone needs to work as if they are working for themselves, even in a team environment.
There are many success stories from business owners who have adopted this approach.
So whether you want to be hired in your dream job, or become a successful entrepreneur in your own right, if you want to set yourself apart from others, you need to develop these 9 traits that all entrepreneurs have.

1)      Creativity -Regardless of the industry you work in, employers want people who can think outside the box and come up with new ideas.They do not want employees who are going to carry on doing the same thing, but someone who thinks of a better way of doing everything. This is why you need to be creative at work.To do this, you should always think about ways you can improve the workflow, bottom line and overall productivity in your company.When you are creative you are having fun, and that’s key.

2)      Vision – One of the most important traits that successful entrepreneurs have is an ability to keep their eye on the big picture. They have a vision which helps them with strategic planning. Vision will help you see the direction the industry you work in is going. Paula Evans, the successful entrepreneur behind Tierra Alma, has always had a strong vision for her Mordialloc boutique. “Tierra Alma means ‘earth soul’ and it captures what I want customers to experience when they walk in our store. It’s the same vision that led us to set up shop at our bayside location, and it’s the same vision that influenced our choice of labels. Even our customer service philosophy of 100% honesty and kindness is guided by the same principle.”
Vision will also help you identify challenges that your company will face. It also helps you stay focused on long-term goals while coping with the responsibilities of your daily tasks.

3)      Decisiveness – Are you able to make sound decisions when you are under pressure?
If you are an entrepreneur, you will not have any room to procrastinate and this is the same for all employees. You need to be able to take action when you have to.You also need to know how to prioritise tasks and make decisions in a timely manner. A bonus to this is the fact it will help you stay organised. Persistence is key.

4)      Motivation – A hard-working business owner will be motivated to succeed.When you take this mindset to the office and are able to demonstrate your motivation to your employer, you will see the benefits. When you do this, you have to bring enthusiasm for everything in your job.It can be easy to show that you are highly motivated in the office. To start, you should have a positive attitude every day. Employers want to see that you are passionate about your work and a positive attitude helps with this.

5)      Versatility – You need to be able to adapt to any changes in your industry and the workforce.It is possible that you were hired for specific skills, but you might need to shift as time goes by. Versatility allows you to be the person your boss can turn to when there is a problem.

According to Search It Local hiring manager, Jacqueline Payne, versatility is one of the key indicators she looks for. She notes “interviews are the ideal place to introduce challenges to gauge the versatility of your prospect. How do they respond to obstacles? What complementary skills do they have? More than a polished facade or the perfect answers, I look for the ability to adapt on the fly. This is a skill the most successful entrepreneurs possess.”
To show your versatility, you need to be prepared to take on work that is outside of your job description. You also need to be one of the early adopters of any new technology in your industry. Taking the time to keep your skills current is also important.

6)      Collaboration – A good entrepreneur will not only be a good leader, they will also work well with other people. This means you need to be a good team player. When hiring managers look for candidates, 78% of them will focus on strong teamwork.This is because successful entrepreneurs know how to utilize social capital. According to career coach Eiran Trethowan of Open for Life, this means that a good team player should be open to both helping and asking for help. “Admitting you need help is not a weakness. In fact, interdependence builds trust and trust makes way for better collaborations and successful projects. Momentum in business can be achieved by sustained acts of interdependence.”Using skills that entrepreneurs have will help you avoid office politics, adjust to how other people work and meet all your deadlines.

7)      Flexibility – Entrepreneurs will have to adapt to changes and solve any problem as it comes up. A good team player in an office will be able to shift their priorities to help where it is needed. This flexibility will include being receptive to other people’s opinions, needs and ideas while being open-minded when getting feedback.

8)      Persuasiveness – When you are persuasive, you will be a better negotiator which will give you an edge on other employees. It can help you get a better assignment, a promotion or a raise.There are also times when you need to convince a potential client to take certain actions. If you need to convince anyone in the business, you need to be persuasive and able to present your ideas in a coherent and appealing manner.Looking to become a more persuasive person? Here’s your ultimate guide to becoming persuasive.

9)      Risk Tolerance – All employers want their business to grow, but this involves a certain amount of risk. This means that you should not be afraid to take risks when it comes to getting new clients or testing a new product. Of course, you will need to have your boss’ approval before you take any risky steps.

What To Do Next?

When you are the type of candidate businesses are looking for, you assume finding a job will be easy. This is not the case and you need a bit of luck and some hustle. Joining certain websites will help you improve your chances of getting work.