Small Business Marketing Strategies You Should Not Forget!

Small Business Marketing Strategies You Should Not Forget!

Ever since the Internet has expanded the world of marketing, some traditional marketing methods have been left behind. Has this happened because traditional marketing strategies are no longer effective? Like most successful entrepreneurs and professionals I would say “No.” Digital marketing may seem fast, easy and sophisticated, but you should never underestimate or overlook the following traditional forms of business marketing.

Six proven, but not-to-be-forgotten traditional marketing tactics:

  • Conventional business cards – Business cards might seem low on your list of marketing tactics, but they should be at the top of your list. Most of today’s successful business people started out will business cards and built their marketing strategies from there. Having cards made to promote your business should be the first thing you do. Always carry some with you everywhere you go.
  • Newspaper advertising – Another promotional avenue that has been almost completely forgotten is placing newspaper ads. The newspaper business is still alive and well even in today’s digital world. You can use ads with discounts or coupons for a limited time to attract business using local newspapers. Nowadays when you place an ad, it often is included in the digital edition of the newspaper as well.
  • Specialty advertising – If you talk to a qualified business mentor Sydney service provider, they will tell you how important it is to use specialty advertising methods. This encompasses advertising forms like refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, pens, mugs, and calendars. Most entrepreneurs today fail to realize the value in having their brand on a magnet, a mug, a pen, a calendar, or a t-shirt. These are like gifts to clients and potential clients as well as reminders that you are there.
  • Printed Brochures – You might be thinking brochures are old-fashioned and passé, but they are simply a forgotten, yet effective way to provide your audience with an overview of your products and services. This marketing method is not expensive, but can be quite effective.
  • Signs – People still read signs, especially when they are visually appealing. Your business needs a sign over the door, on your business vehicle, on local billboards, and anywhere signs are found. Signs can also promote specific products, services, or prices. Signs are bought once and will last for many years, making this form of advertising a good investment.
  • Printed Sales Materials – Catalogs, product specification sheets, price lists, and sales sheets are all examples of printed sales materials. They provide your customers with details and information needed to make informed decisions about making a purchase. You might be surprised at how effective this is at helping someone choose you over your competitors.

All these simple forms of advertising may seem antiquated to you, but there is nothing antiquated about how well they help grow your business. Online marketing, websites, and social media marketing are fun and exciting, but they work better when you incorporate these tried-and-true methods with your current digital marketing strategies.

If you think you could benefit from business advice or coaching, contact me now. You can avoid the pitfalls and challenges of starting and maintaining your small business with a little help.