Money is Not Evil

Timothy 6:10 “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”

This famous passage, taken from the New Testament is one of the most misunderstood quotes of all time. It causes many people to remain stuck in poverty and subconsciously sabotages the success of entrepreneurs and business people all over the world.

Money itself is not evil; it is the love of money which can turn into greed and avarice towards money that is the evil part.

Business exists for 2 core reasons: To provide a service or solution to cater to your customers needs and wants. But let’s not forget… Business is also a vehicle for you to make money, which you can then help yourself and others have a wonderful life.

As an entrepreneur money is simply a tool of leverage that will amplify your existing personality traits and intentions.

Allow me to explain – A “good” business person with more money has the power to do more good, whilst an “evil” business person with more money has the power to do more evil. Money itself has no agenda or emotion. Money is neither good, nor bad.

The misconception that money leads to evil causes many people to choose poverty. They believe that by staying poor they will remain a good person, rather than obtain wealth and become a bad person. This choice is often made in the subconscious mind which has been conditioned by society’s negative connotations towards money.

It’s important for you to acknowledge that you can be a good person and have money. Being poor will not serve you and will not serve others.

So doesn’t it make more sense as a business person, to use business as a vehicle to make more money, so that you can then use it for more good? Sounds simple, but why do we feel guilty when we start to make lots of money and why do we sabotage our own success?

Here are 4 great tips to help you smash this deeply seated belief.

Tip #1. Conduct this thought experiment – Imagine all the good that you could do with $10 million. How many starving mouths could you feed? How many people could be immunised from life threatening diseases? Once you focus on all the good that money can do, you will no longer feel guilty when receiving money.

Tip #2. Become aware of the “tall poppy syndrome” and disconnect from this type of thinking. This is where wealthy people are vilified by others, simply because they have lots of money. Many wealthy people are philanthropists and privately contribute millions of dollars to worthy causes.

Tip #3. Cheer on “team rich” When wealthy people are being harassed by society or the media, observe your own responses and make the conscious choice to support the wealthy. If you find yourself resenting wealthy people, you will sabotage yourself from becoming wealthy as you can not become what you resent.

Tip #4. Surround yourself with like minded positive people, who are willing to support you on your journey. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and can make you feel isolated, that’s why its so important to have the support of other like minded entrepreneurs.