Business Warrior Mindset

Today I wanted to get straight back on the bike; you see I’ve been speaking to many business owners in my travels and here at home.

One thing they’re all saying is how amazing the start to this year has been. not in a long time has business been so great, I hope this is the case for you.

Great confidence is all around us and I would like to think that this will continue for many years to come, maybe even another 15 year boom time. (always the optimist)

So here we go – Five great tips that can help you throughout the year.

1, The Business Warrior Mindset.
One day your mind feels ready to tackle the world; the next day you are second – guessing all of your decisions. If you are not careful, you can talk your own self into failure.

Once you realize how powerful your mind is, it becomes your strongest weapon in business. Mastering the warrior mindset is an intentional action. Learning how to do so is an everyday challenge.

People who are successful in business or anything in life make success look easy. They too, have had to work on their mind every single day of their lives. So what do they do differently?

2, Living in past failures.
You won’t find successful people looking backwards; if they are, they are studying the mistakes and lessons.

One of the best mantras ever is “don’t belong to the past, you don’t live there anymore.”  Anyone who gives you small business advice will tell you to keep your momentum in the present with a plan for the future.

3, Talking the talk without shoes for the walk.
People who are successful carry a large dream that once began in a thought bubble and grew from their own passion and determination.

There is a huge difference between saying what you would “like to do” as opposed to  what you “will do.”

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”—Walt Disney

4, The “I made it” complacency trick
Many who reach a milestone, a victory, or an ultimate goal get to experience the complacency trickster.  The ego has been fed, so now the mindset operates on cruise control.

Set a new point for your success, keep charged and open to consistent improvement.

If this is you now, this is the time we should reach  push  through the plateau.

Complacency in any area of your life does not feel good, ever.

5, Humble pie (without a scoop of ego)
A true business warrior mindset emits a certain charge that pulls in all good things in it’s right time.

In other words, if you are blocked with envy, ego, or lack humility, success will only be a surface suit worn falsely.

Gratitude is a business virtue as well. As you are recognized, pass on recognition to others. Your self-worth is not in the money, it is in the diligence and hard work you did to get it. That is pride.

You can have a warrior mindset. You can achieve anything.

As always, I wish you all the success in the world.

All the best

David Hall
“Personal Trainer For Your Business”