Business Is Not A Perfect Game.

Business Is Not A Perfect Game.

Whilst we must remain focussed on doing our best, such as delivering a remarkable customer experience, suppling the best products and making as much money as we can. It doesn’t mean we have to get it perfect every time.

You see life is not perfect, we are not perfect and our businesses are not perfect. Business is a game and a journey that can be long and hard, we should enjoy it and learn from it. Play the game and enjoy the journey. We shouldn’t put undue stress on ourselves and others around us.

Creating an amazing business that gives you a wonderful life takes time to get right. Just like baking a beautiful cake you use a recipe, you may not bake it perfect every time – if you ever bake it perfect once.

So, over time create a recipe of all the things that work in your business. Document them into systems and never be afraid to change them if they stop working.

Your business will go through several forms, morphing into what you have in your mind as the ideal business for you.

Finally, trust and enjoy the journey, believe that you will have the life you dreamed of because you have the relentless ability to put doubt out of your mind.

Remember – Business Is Not A Perfect Game.

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