Become a persuasive person.

Being a persuasive person can help you in business and in life. If you want to have people buy your product or service you will have to learn to be more persuasive.

You see – we live in a very cluttered world, advertising coming from every angle, marketing messages bombarding you everyday.

Find your marketing message and become persuasive, you’ll go a long way to succeeding.

1)      Become a people pleaser – It can be challenging to be a people pleaser, especially when you know you’re right. However, in order to become a persuasive person, you need to know when to choose your battles. You must make sacrifices if you want a successful business. Giving in to people is part of creating relationships that help you grow your business. It’s about making people happy, not about being right.

2)      Know your target audience – You have to learn to know your audience. People are different, so you have to adjust your demeanour to meet each individual. Paying attention to your target audience helps you learn when to be zealous, when to be calm, when to be direct, when to be funny, etc… Learning people goes a long way to persuading them, which leads to building your business.

3)      Engage with positive body language – What is positive body language? Any engaging gesture, expression, movement, and vocal tone fall into the positive body language category. One of the best pieces of advice business owners need is to make use of positive body language. A few ways to do this is to make eye contact, learn towards the individual who is talking to you, use an enthusiastic vocal tone, and avoid crossing your arms when engaging others.

4)      Smile a lot – Smiling is contagious and engaging. This is body positive body language that draws people to you. People also tend to mirror body language, so if you’re smiling, they will smile before the end of the conversation. Smiling is a feel-good gesture that lends to your persuasive business mindset.

5)      Connect on a personal level – Persuasive people have learned how to connect with others. When you reach out and make an effort to connect with others, you will be able to negotiate and persuade them most of the time. If you don’t connect, your words will be spoken in vain.

6)      Be genuine – To be genuine is to be sincere and real. Honestly is an essential attitude to have in becoming a persuasive business owner. People steer clear of fake people because they aren’t credible or trustworthy. Persuasiveness has to have the element of honesty in order to be effective.

7)      Avoid being pushy – You can be persuasive, confident, and assertive without being pushy and aggressive. People are turned off by pushy behaviour. They will walk away. On the other hand, people are drawn to confident people. Being aggressive and pushy is negative while being confident and assertive is being positive.

8)      Be clear and succinct – It’s crucial to be clear and succinct when you want to own and operate a successful business. Learn to communicate your concepts clearly, concisely, and quickly in order to make people comprehend what you’re saying. The ability to do this goes along with knowing your audience, or the person you are talking to.

9)      Greet others by name – It’s not difficult to address people by name. When you encounter people you know, or are acquainted with, greet them by name. This makes people feel good and gets their attention. If you have difficulties with remembering names or putting faces with names, use brain exercises to make it easier for you. 

10)   Ask valid questions – People want to know you are listening to them. One way to ensure they know you are paying attention to them is to ask a lot of questions. However, make sure to ask valid questions that are relevant to the conversation and not just random questions. Questions that ask for clarification show you are listening. This engages people and creates a relationship of trust.

11)   Don’t be shy – Don’t be bashful about expressing your thoughts and ideas in a positive way. Persuasive people aren’t shy about making their ideas known. Avoid phrases like “It’s possible to…” or “I think…” since they require validation and approval. The goal is to speak with confidence. Remember, you don’t need approval from other for your ideas.

12)   Know when to take a step back – Learn patience when dealing with others. Being too urgent or demanding will turn people off to your point of view. You cannot force people to agree with you right away. If you try to do that, you will be confronted with counter arguments, as you will put people on the defensive.

13)   Acknowledge other points of view – Part of being persuasive is acknowledging that other points of view are valid. This shows others you aren’t stubborn and that you are open-minded. Being stubborn won’t draw people to your side. Use phrases like “I see what you mean.” Or “I understand what you’re saying.” To show you are listening and willing to concede to other ideas. You don’t always have to give in totally, but be willing to understand other opinions.

14)   Make a good first impression – It’s long been known that leaving people with a good first impression will reap rewards in the long run. Did you know that a person will decide whether they like you or not within the first seven seconds after meeting you? Those initial first minutes can make or break your ability to persuade people.

15)   Use visual concepts – Most people are visual. They are more persuaded by visual imagery than simple conversation. If you can tell a good story that brings your ideas to life, you can persuade. If you think you aren’t good at this, you should know this is something you can learn. A good story will stick with a person as well as create a rapport.

These 15 pieces of business advice are used by highly persuasive people and are good concepts to consider when you are building your business.

Learn how to hone these skills if you already have them or build them if you don’t. You can build a strong persuasive mindset using these gold nuggets of business advice.

If you are ready to start learning how to build a business mindset and be persuasive, you should consider getting yourself a Mentor or a Coach.

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