3 Biggest Challenges!

Need help with your business?

Tell me your 3 biggest challenges that you're facing right now. It could be Staffing Issues, Marketing, Cash Flow, Lack of Clients or you simply want more Time and Freedom.

I'll contact you for your no obligation Free Consultation, we'll discuss the challenges you're facing and see if you're the right fit for the 90 Day Challenge.

Meet Your Trainer & Mentor
A battle-scarred business owner and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience.

Have you ever had dreams of Having a lot of money, Being someone great or Doing something amazing with your life? Well, I help people achieve those dreams.
I'm a business mentor and coach, I help people get clear on what they really want then stay by their side until they get it.
I don't teach from a coaching manual or book, I do it from the heart and a quarter of a century of experience.

If you're the kind of person that knows you were born for a better life, a richer, happier life. Then get the personal attention you deserve.

Have your very own personal business and life coach; mentor you through real life strategies and actions so that you can become personally empowered to have your amazing life.

It doesn't matter if you're a start up, or an existing business I'll guide you to your very own success.

Success in business is a tough sport and I've experienced my fair share of business heartache and hassle.

However, I persevered, stayed focused and learned from my mistakes to achieve massive success.

Having launched several successful businesses in the last two decades, and generated profits in the millions, I can speak from real 'in-the-trenches' experience - not text books! Nowadays, I teach start ups and business owners success strategies that include sales and marketing mastering delegation; management; and inspiring your team with a shared vision to drive your business to greatness.

All this, while I still own real businesses that generate a lot of person income. I used the same strategies to turn my business around from almost broke to employing 38 new staff and generating massive profits within a matter of months.

I've also shared the stage with some of Australia's most renowned business mentors and Big League thought leaders.

My practical business savvy has helped me to become a respected and highly in-demand business success coach and mentor.

Success Stories...
You'll Learn Key "Knockout" Strategies to help you and your business become a leader in your industry...

If you've ever thought "I wish there was someone that could help me", then you need to take action right now. Stop procrastinating and call me. You'll get access to over 20 years of business experience. I've developed an uncanny ability for helping ordinary business owners ignite productivity and profits through the roof using my maverick strategies.

Work With Me And Change Your Life Forever:
You get David "The Rocketman" Hall HIMSELF as your own personal trainer!

David will be there with you step-by-step, helping you execute online and offline marketing strategies to position your business as the authority in your industry.

Work through the mental barriers that are holding you back.

Many times the smallest mental change can cause the biggest physical impact on your business. David will work with you to take your business to the next level by adjusting key elements of your mindset

Leverage yourself in your business to make more money in less time... and with less effort.

Once you implement David's proven marketing strategies for your business and have the right mindset, your business is profitable and you have more freedom, leveraging yourself in your business.

Can You Imagine...

Owning a business that serves and supports you! Never again wishing for a better life, because you have it. No longer being a slave to your business.

Having a constant flow of clients that love what you do and want to buy more of what you have

Having Business systems that create more time for you to spend your time doing the things you like. Automating the mundane tasks and lowering your overheads.

Building a team of staff that would walk over hot coals for you.

Imagine never having to worry about money again, knowing that your business is running like clockwork and producing a steady stream of income.

Here's just a glimpse of David's incredible business success:
  • Built one of Australia's most successful trade business and created "The Remarkable Customer Experience" formula which has been adopted by thousands of budding entrepreneurs around the country.
  • The most talked about tradesman in Australia, often called the Father of Modern Day Customer Service.
  • Successfully built a multi-million dollar business, then replicated his success formula to build two other multi-million dollar businesses in a totally different industry.
  • Self-published author sharing the secrets of the trade industry with fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Successfully negotiated million-dollar contracts and secured business relationships that have continued to produce revenues for over 20 years.
  • Co-hosted a radio show in Sydney for 2 years.
  • Deemed by some as The Crazy Inventor - inventor of a multi-million dollar product that now sells throughout the U.S., U.K and Europe.

David has an incredible ability to take any ‘run of the mill’ business and turn it into an automated profit machine that gives you more time, more money and more freedom. Is it time to get some ‘rocket fuel’ for your business?

Contact Me Now And Change Your Life Forever
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